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DWN - I did a thing!

Today I partnered with two awesome colleagues to do a thing. We kicked off the first meeting of an employee resource group for our offices in New York - the Discovery Women's Network. And it went well.

It was not a small thing, yet not a difficult thing. It was expansive, but surprisingly easy - coming together in sweeping flows of collaboration and conversation; momentous moments of realization; and quiet breaths of recognition.

We worked hard, but not laboriously. Dedicated, but not over committed. Consistent but not constant. And it came together beautifully.

Our mission was simple - bringing together the women of our company, to talk, support and bond. From all walks of life, all areas of the business and all levels of corporate responsibility.

I was so proud, to stand in front of the room with those two colleagues, who 6 months ago I didn't even know. To hear them talk and to listen in wrapped attention as they spoke to our shared goals, our ideas and our desires with such clarity and poise. To share my own words and journey and to watch each set of eyes in the audience recognized themselves in our stories. As each head began to nod in agreement with a voice that shared their own desires and give a smile that said we were delivering something they had been looking for.

For me it started with needing a network, friends, support, like minded people around me. I sought for this and when I could not find it, decided to take the time to create it where I could. It took understanding to know what I was lacking.  Desire and luck to find guidance remotely and discover the passion that was possible and then being ignited by the excitement of others seeking the same.

I have hopes for this network, and can't wait to dive deeper into planning and getting to know the women who reflected this journey back at me today.

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