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Are you....
  • Intrigued by Embodiment? Curious what Intuitive Coaching is? 

  • Are you looking to claim more of yourself? Or open up to new revelations?

Work with me 1:1 in a custom way to meet your needs.


Grief and loss can at once throw you into your darkest days, while at the same time bury you in a sea of separation. Separation from life, loved ones, joy, purpose. Allow me to guide you back to yourself, your sensations, your connections.


In losing my sister, I lost part of myself, and it stayed away for a long time. The lessons I learned about finding myself again are life changing.

Where has it gone? You ask yourself daily, about your hair, your identity, maybe even your life. Everything has changed, but everyone acts like it’s nothing. It’s just hair, you’re not even sick.

You’re done with it. Done with trying to hide, done with pretending it doesn’t matter, done with the miracle cures and the promises. There has to be more than this! 

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