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FREE Replay: The Toxic Lie of

Cookie-cutter Beauty: 3 simple steps to shake yourself free of hair loss shame and join the rebellion

Replay of my Exclusive FREE online event for those with hair loss** on how to confront, and unlearn the impacts of the cookie-cutter beauty ideal. 

(All welcome - anyone who desires to uncover a feminine approach to battling the cookie-cutter beauty ideal)

(** There are many forms of hair loss all are welcome)

The lie of cookie-cutter beauty and three simple steps to free yourself of hair loss shame and and join the rebellion

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Dominique van Hoof - Alopecian, Intuitive and Embodied Life Coach

We'll talk about....

  • What is Cookie-cutter beauty ....
    and why it is a lie that has convinced us there is only one way to be beautiful.

  • Why it's a load of s*** ...
    and we don't have to buy into it.

  • How it impacts our relationships with alopecia/hair loss...
    This can be subtle and so let's draw it in to the light. 

  • Three steps...
    you can take to Rebel against this ideal and the industry. Begin to shift it's impact on you.

  • and much more..

This is for you if...

  • Your hair loss journey has been rough, but you're ready to embrace the unique elements it adds to your life

  • You want to see more people who look like you and you're passionate about the diversity 

  • You know you want to feel desirable and lovable, but you're not sure what the first step is on that journey​

  • You're tired of trying cure after cure and just can't try one more thing that says it'll make your hair grow back

  • You know there's more to life and want other things to take up your time and energy (not thinking about your hair all the time)

Who am I?

Dominique Claire

A life long experiencer of Alopecia Universalis, I lost all my hair as a child and it never grew back. ​

My mission is to help those who look and feel "different" to embrace the changes this brings to their lives and find beauty in their uniqueness.


As a certified embodiment coach, writer and dancer - I unite intuitive methods with movement practices, bringing to light your own truth and knowledge and empowering you to uncover your alopecia superpower.

I believe:

  • We are all unique, that’s what makes us beautiful

  • Cookie-cutter beauty is boring

  • Difference is power to change the world

  • Pleasure, desire and love is for everyone

  • Confidence is a feeling for all

I can't wait to connect with you!



Katrin, Germany

Dominique is an awesome coach. She keeps you safe while guiding you expertly through your emotions and experiences. She released me from longheld inner pain and expanded me into more depth, pleasure and joy. I can only recommend working with her.

Eugenia, UK

​Dominique is a skillful and compassionate coach. She is dedicated to holding space and creating pathways for revealing the truth and honesty of your experience. In being coached by Dominique I felt held tenderly and guided gently to the heart of the matter. Her approach is kind and purposeful and I am so grateful for our time together.​

Tori, USA

Dang Dom! Your posts are so vulnerable. I'm so impressed with what you share on that blog all the time. 

This is not...

  • Unsolicited advice on guidance on how to deal with your hair loss - I'm not here to tell you to wear a wig, not wear a wig, shave your hair or wear a hat. ​

  • Judgement or encouragement to go out with your bald head. We're all different and revealing your head isn't necessarily the right choice for everyone.

  • A cure or discussion of any cures, fixes, tinctures or tonics. I don't want to "fix" you, you are not broken.

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