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Your crown is now a cape.
Embrace your ...

I believe that women with alopecia or hair loss are brave, strong and courageous - regardless of how they choose to accessorize themselves.

I believe they are simultaneously soft, spacious and sensitive.

I believe that the sensations of pleasure and pain are on a pendulum and to feel into one side, we need to allow space on both sides.

I believe that losing our hair isn’t just about appearances, it is about identity, self discovery and unleashing our authentic selves.

I believe any physical difference or change is a gateway to greater depth of understanding, of who we are, what we want and the world that we live in.

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It can sometimes feel like the world is not ready for us,
with all our uniqueness and depth…
because in a way.... it’s not
Cookie-Cutter Beauty

The world around us, specifically in media, social, cultural norms (for many of us), would have us believe that there is only a finite definition of beauty. It convinces us that:

  • We need to be a certain color, size, weight, age and shape to be beautiful

  • Beauty and desire exists only for the male gaze

  • Short hair is unfeminine

  • Baldness is a sign of instability, bad health, something foreign

  • Sexiness just for us, is taboo.  (Especially when it's not being used to sell, profit or manipulate)

  • Being different is unappealing

  • Confidence is unseemly

It's time for that to change: 
Beauty is unique and uniqueness is power
  • We are all unique, that’s what makes us beautiful

  • Cookie-cutter beauty is boring

  • Difference is power to change the world

  • Pleasure, desire and love is for everyone

  • Confidence is non-negotiable



It’s a pleasure to meet you - my name is Dominique and I’m a feminine embodiment, trauma - sensitive coach with over 3 decades of experience living as a bald woman.


I thought I knew everything there was to know about living with alopecia, baldness, an obvious physical difference. About how to move on, get out there, not let it stop me. 


However, when my sister passed away 6 years ago, everything changed. This access point to grief and loss opened up old wounds, providing a gateway to my feelings and throwing me into overwhelm and pain.


Strangely I didn’t know it at first. After the initial “period” of grieving I stumbled around in the dark alone, thinking I was fine. For 4 years I only felt numb, indifferent, passionless. Armoured, not even realising I was still in pain. 


I moved countries, got a new job, got married - all through this fog of desensitization. I tried lots of things - talk therapy, energetic healing, throwing tantrums and further numbing out - none of it helped. 

Feminine Embodiment changed everything. This beautiful toolset of body based movement and sensitizing practices coupled with intuitive guiding principles gave me safety to explore the feelings I had hidden even from myself. 


 It brought me back into my body, opened me up to life again and allowed me to grieve much of what I had lost along the way.


The hair loss itself and the imagined futures where it grew back. The abandonment of friends, religion, opportunities that had shifted under my feet because I had no hair. To explore why I felt so broken because every cure that I had ever tried had never worked.


I came out the other side, brighter, happier, sexier and with more purpose, more opportunities, more LIFE than I had felt in years. 


This is what I want for you, and for all women.


A brighter, happier, sexier, more purposeful life.

This is what I want for you, and for all women.

I am here to support you, collaborate with you, understand you and hold space for your journey. 


Because how you deal with your hair loss is your choice, and what I’m offering is not the ‘right way’ forward. I’m not here to judge how you manage, how you find your way, how you feel safe, content and happy in the world in whatever form your physical body has or does not have hair.


I want to help you remember your innate feminine powers no matter how you interpret them or whatever your own unique flavor of them is.


For me it manifests in:

  • The empathy I have for others, those who feel different, are thought of as different, or treated differently. 

  • Educating others about alopecia.

  • Providing a mirror and safe space for others to break down. 

  • In representing the different - wherever I go - and not letting anyone change me. 

  • Learning about boundaries, and not letting people touch me without permission.


It may have taken me many years, and a few cycles of different super powers to find my voice and my way in this world as a bald woman. But it doesn’t have to for you. Let’s collaborate, share, and explore what could be your superpower. 


Let me help you find your Alopecia Superpower.

The Breakdown

This is a collaboration, a partnership - I’m merely the mirror, guide and outside perspective to your inner compass. You already have the answers, I’m just helping you seek them out.


To do so we will work through 1 - 4 stages uniquely customized to you depending on where you’re at, your goals and what you want to focus on. Each stage has a specific focus but together they explore freedom, depth, pleasure and your unique superpowers. 

Safety & Depth

Right here, we dive in deep. Having established safety in our bodies, we now start to explore exactly what she wants us to know. Losing part of ourselves can be super jolting, we can wake up and not recognize ourselves (literally and figuratively). Let’s explore this.

It’s perfectly natural to grieve that loss. Maybe you still dream about having hair, or wonder why me? In stage one we faced some of those hurtful things that we say to ourselves, let’s open up some safety space to grieve.

Rest & Reflection

Feeling pleasure is one thing, but forcing it is another. Being able to drop into the moment, the physical pleasure of the body and allowing ourselves to feel everything that is there also takes self care, nourishment, resting and allowing in our bodies.

Cultivating the ability to actually enjoy ourselves is a skillset many of us need to learn from scratch - especially for those of us with long standing resistance, barriers beliefs and stories around what pleasure is - and isn’t. It’s all about slowing down and sensitizing to the sensations, something our last few weeks of safety practices will have primed us for.

Pleasure & Passion

Let’s look at femininity, sexyness, playfulness and what that means to you. This is all about what you need to help you rediscover, or heighten your sensations of desire, passion and even more pleasure. This is far from being about partners, or presentation or performance - this is all about you. What does awakened, enlivened, empowered feel like in your body? Who is this incredible, authentic person? What does she want?


What do you get from being you, that is unique to you. What powers have you got deep within you? What is your superpower?

After 2 months you will walk away with:
  • Depth of understanding what hair loss and alopecia may have taught you to believe, think, and feel so you can understand where your journey begins

  • Freedom and liberation of grief alongside techniques to continue to feel and release these sensations, so you can feel safe alongside the ups and down of life.

  • Access to pleasure, enlivenment and joy that may have seemed out of reach before but is now second nature

  • Your Superpower - a clear sense of the uniqueness you bring to the world and how you want to show up in it, so you can feel safe, confidence and empowered to unleash your Superpower

What you receive:

  • 1 x 90 minute kick off call to share your unique story and what you desire from this partnership

  • 2 months 60 minute weekly coaching calls (~7 calls) to keep us on track, focused on you and ensure you feel supported and held

  • 2 x 15 minute short notice support calls (if needed - I have your back)

  • Unlimited text/email support throughout the the 2 months so I’m only ever a message away

  • Custom music playlists for embodied movement to help you get into your body and integrate these practices

  • Post session notes to help you with any follow through or homework

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Limited Time Bonus

1 month of additional coaching support as needed - allowing space for further integration and setting you up for success (valued at $444)

It’s not just hair, it’s a super power unleashed.

I’m here to help you see the real you and find the other side of hair loss. 

I want to hold your hand, listen to your words and reintroduce you to your body, your emotions and help you figure out who you want to be. In life, in relationships, in sex and love. In your work, your home and especially your body.


I know hair loss is more than just a physical loss (though that is a huge part of it), it comes with much more than what people see. 


Similarly, it can be a huge super power.

This partnership is for you if:


  • You feel there has to be more to you than what the world seems to see

  • Alopecia feels like a gateway to something, but you can’t find the door

  • You have tried cure after cure and need a safe space to land

  • You’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel desirable, lovable......or you've forgotten what it's like to feel desire or pleasure

  • You still want to wear wigs, but sometimes feel shame or vulnerable, like you're pretending or hiding - trying to be something you're not

  • You never wear wigs, but don't feel like you were given a choice

  • You are tired of what you feel when you see your reflection

  • You know you have a purpose but aren’t sure what it is

Sign Up

Are you ready to find your Superpower?

Your investment in you...


One time payment: USD $1100 

Payment plan available.

Enrolements are currently Closed

I’m 100% confident that this program will change your relationships with alopecia and your body.

A note on Trauma.

Trauma can be defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. Roughly 50% of the population will experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives*. Losing your hair, being diagnosed with Alopecia Areata/Totalis/Universalis could be considered a traumatic event - depending on how your body and mind respond to this event. There are likely other events in your life that might have been traumatic, for example: combat, car accidents, natural disasters, any sort of violence/assault, major surgery etc.

While I am a trauma sensitive coach, with a lot of life experience, I am not a licensed therapist. If you have experienced trauma it is important that you get the right support for you. Working with me is in no way a substitute for therapy and this program needs to be undertaken with a commitment to self-responsibility.


If you’re not sure where you sit in relation to this, please feel free to reach out or book for an alignment call and we can discuss your unique experiences and situation to figure out if we’re a match.



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