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Do you just know that there is something more to you than just your physical form?
Have you started to ponder your purpose in this lifetime and desire to know more?
Are situations in your life feeling repetitive, like you're try to learn something over and over again?

If this resonates with you I invite you to book an...
 Soul Record Reading

The Akashic Records is an energetic place or realm that operates similarly to a library. It is a repository of memories pertaining to pretty much everything that has even happened. Using an intuitive practice, and with the help of my Akashic Record guides, I can access this information and research information about my clients’ souls - their past and present. 


When i’m in the records on your behalf, I ask a specific set of questions, with the intention of uncovering your soul’s purpose and gifts in this earthly incarnation.

What we'll uncover:
Energy Center of Training

This governs your soul drives and what you bring to others in this lifetime. Corresponding to a Chakra, this will tell us what personality traits you may have and what challenges/gifts we you encounter in this lifetime.

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Your Soul Group of Origin

Another key part of your soul’s story, this will give us further insight into gifts/challenges you may have in this lifetime

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This will provide insight into roles that may come up for you throughout this incarnation

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Life Lessons

Often interesting and validating, understanding your life lessons helps you to understand the experiences you are drawing in during this lifetime. In each incarnation we choose our life lessons with the purpose of continuing our soul growth and progressing along our soul’s path.

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Intuitive Gifts + Past Lives

Some of us are empaths, some of us are clairvoyants, this section of the reading will provide you with information about the gifts that are specific to you.

I'll also take a brief look at your past lives

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Dana - USA

I had never heard of Akashic Records before, and let me tell you, my mind is blown. I previously had a psychic abilities reading and many of my abilities lined up perfectly with my soul's purpose.


Dominique was wonderful at explaining what certain terms are and helping me understand my records. I still have so much more to learn about my own records, but I couldn't be happier.

Kelsey, NY, USA
Kelsey Cupcake - Kelsey DiCarlo.jpg

Dominique completely opened my eyes to the realm of Akashic Records. The insights shared were honestly so spot on, but not inherently obvious. Things were brought to light that maybe I knew deep down, but wouldn't have figured out on my own. The level of detail was amazing, especially for an intro session. I was able to get a lot of info out of the initial session, but in case I missed anything a recording was provided, along with detailed notes, and an email summarizing other questions that came up during the session.

I learned so much about my personality and what has shaped the life I'm living today in ways I never would have known about before. This has really opened my eyes and given me the tools to continue learning lessons and living on the path I'm meant to be on. There were serious moments, funny moments, bizarre facts, and moments to ponder. Honestly for one hour it is so much life changing information! I fully recommend having this reading done. Dominique was professional, kind, well-researched, and open minded. Thank you so so much!

Kate - QLD, Australia
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Wow! What can I say - the reading was pretty incredible! It confirmed so much of what I knew of myself already, but from a completely different perspective. So many of my quirks, interests, desires and attributes could be traced back through the Akashic Records, as shared in the reading with Dominique. Every single piece of information shared resonated deeply with me.

Dominique was well-researched and extremely knowledgable, but presented the information in a way that was easy to digest. She is a very warm practitioner who was able to ease any nervousness I had as we started. By the end of the reading, I felt affirmed in my gifts and what I want to share with the world.

C1A41818-5DD2-446D-ADEB-96B15B886F8F - J
Janelle - PA, USA

Dominique Claire Has a true gift, everything she said in my Akashic reading resonated so deeply with me. Thank you Dominique for all the time and effort you put into this!

  • Can I buy a reading as a gift for someone?
    Readings do make beautiful gifts, and I’m happy for you to purchase on behalf of someone else, as long as it is not a surprise. To get an accurate reading and do reasearch on behalf of someone, I need permission to access their records. So if you are ordering on behalf of someone else, you need to ensure that the person who is receiving it knows about it and wants a session.
  • How long will it take to receive a reading
    At this time it is a 2-3 week turn around for a reading, from the point of payment.
  • Can you do a reading for my child?
    I do not do readings for children or minors under 18 years of age at this time.
  • Can I get a reading more than once?
    I do not recommend someone get a reading of this type done more than once. The reason being that the information I research on your behalf is specific to your soul's origin, purpose and past lives. These are not things that change. My teacher has written a great blog on this here: What happens if I get more than one reading?

Yes please!

You can use either of the links below to book a reading with me which will be delivered either via email, or via a video conference call - your choice. 


Once you book, you will be sent and a form to fill in. To conduct a reading I need specific information about you to ensure I can locate the right information.

  • Full name at birth

  • Full name now

  • Date of birth

  • Place of Birth (City, State, Country)

  • Photo of your face, front on

Please Note: To receive accurate information for a reading I need permission to access that person's record. If you are ordering on behalf of someone else, you need to ensure that the person who is receiving it knows about it and wants a session.

A Live Reading includes:

  • 60 minute call to discuss and review my findings live with me

  • We will also discuss my take on your soul's purpose, based on my findings

  • A detailed summary email with the details of you reading

  • An MP3 recording of our discussion 

After Booking:

Within 1 business day, you will also receive a follow up email with the following:​

  • Form to fill in required details for the reading (name, date of birth, photo)

  • A link to book a time to meet for your video call.

Readings are $200

You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions when you book.

Please sign up below to be first in line when I open for readings again

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