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Awesome Coach

Dominique is an awesome coach. She keeps you safe while guiding you expertly through your emotions and experiences. She released me from longheld inner pain and expanded me into more depth, pleasure and joy. I can only recommend working with her.

— Katrin

Soul Reading.png

This ones for the curious. Every wondered where you came from, what you’re learning here, or why you’re on this earth? At this time?


The Akashic records are an archive of your soul’s journey through space and time. With just a few details, I can provide you with in-depth insights as to why you do certain things and what your challenges, personality traits and purpose might be. 

Wanna know more?


Where has it gone? You ask yourself daily, about your hair, your identity, maybe even your life. Everything has changed, but everyone acts like it’s nothing. It’s just hair, you’re not even sick.

You’re done with it. Done with trying to hide, done with pretending it doesn’t matter, done with the miracle cures and the promises. There has to be more than this! 


There is

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